Prepare for large-scale production

One major task is the preparation of tools and test jig's for the production line. Software loading, configuration and tests must be done in a consistent way. Both for the sake of an efficient and economical production process, but also to guarantee the quality of every unit leaving us.

To be competitive amongst other companies you need more than an efficient assembly line, the components of your product is also gone through to make sure we can keep the prices as low as possible. Not just the elecronics, but the enclosure and other accessories as well.

Make it legal, make it safe

When the development of a product is finalized we make sure it fulfill your QA process, gets it CE/FCC/RCM marked and is ready for your customer to use.

Different standards and regulations apply in different countries/regions and the unit needs to tested in every aspect when it comes to safety and radio communication. In conjunction with third party certification companies, CombiQ AB gets your devices tested, approved and documented to be good to go.