CombiQ AB digitalisation & automation solutions

Our CombiQloud System is applicable across a broad range of industries and is highly customizable depending on our clients’ individual digitalisation requirements. Our current solutions include monitoring systems for industrial machines, for example in the pulp & paper industry, asset-management systems for warehouses and contactless access control, for example in hospitals or retirement homes.

Renz AB

CombiQ AB helped to solve the challenge of mail and package delivery in busy urban environments

  • RFID Opening System

  • Digital Mailboxes

Digitalising the delivery of mail and packages in a busy modern city is a real challenge.

The need for an intelligent way of doing this, for the digitalisation of this process, grows with every day a city expands. Renz, formerly CombiPlate AB delivers smart post boxes in all sorts of configurations to suit all different housing solutions. The system uses RFID to assign a post box of the required size for every delivery. This adds flexibility to the system as the receiving party only receives access to a post box when needed, and also never has to worry about size issues.

CombiQ AB has been involved in the development of this system, including software, antennas and wireless communication.

Phoniro AB

CombiQ AB helped to bring more privacy to modern retirement homes

At modern retirement homes the need for privacy is constantly increasing

One of the most important criteria for the feeling of privacy and independence is the possibility to move in and out rooms or, corridors and buildings without the need for permission or assistance. Automated access control through digitalisation was the solution to this issue.

CombiQ AB has, in conjunction with one of Sweden’s market-leading elderly care suppliers, developed a wireless system to monitor and unlock doors throughout their retirement homes. This is how it works:

  • Above all doors, a Base Station is mounted and connected to a server.
  • A Bracelet Tag starts transmitting when it senses movement from the person wearing it.
  • If the base station senses movement in front of the door, a request to the server is sent.
  •  If the person in front of the door is entitled to open the door it will unlock and let the person in or out.

The same system can also be used for night time monitoring, and also to control and log electronic medication boxes.

The working staff has their own tags which are available in two different types. One model reacts on movement, the other one is with a push button to only be activated when needed.

All relevant data such as, who will have access to what rooms and common areas and between what hours alarms should be activated is stored on the servers and thus is available and editable around the clock.

The base station, personal and staff tags is developed by CombiQ AB and uses a self-developed radio protocol, which is specially designed for applications where power efficiency is vastly needed.

  • Wristband

  • Keycard

  • Main Station

Husqvarna AB

CombiQ AB developed a system to collect and connect machine and operatior data

  • Machine Sensor

  • Main Station

  • Husqvarna Fleet Services

Husqvarna’s clients needed a system to improve machine use and worker safety.

Collecting Information

CombiQ AB has developed a sensor that is mounted on Husqvarna´s products, such as riders, trimmers and chainsaws, once again proving our ability when it comes to digitalisation of seemingly analogue machines. When the products are being used data is stored in the sensor such as time of usage and rpm, which for example can be analysed for initiating services. The data is transferred via a base station to an administrative tool when returning to the office. Both the operator and Husqvarna benefit from the information and can for example schedule a timely service according to the service plan.

Improved Working Conditions

The lifetime of the machine is improved, but it is more to it. Due to that, all users are identified with a dedicated operator tag all data from the machine is related to the user during the time of usage. With this data, you may control how much vibration operators are exposed to when they work with one or several machines. Statistics may also help the operators to improve their operating skills to decrease fuel consumption and enhance machine lifetime.

Supporting Husqvarna´s Customers Operation

The solution from Husqvarna also includes a web-based administrative dashboard where their customers can plan and monitor their machines related to service and performance which is an essential part of Husqvarna´s extensive service offering. Everything happens in the background without the operator even noticing.

Magnea AB

CombiQ AB acquired Magnea in 2017 in order to combine their technologies and revolutionise injury prevention in health- and elderly care.

Magnea makes people move – with the use of advanced sensor technology

Magnea strives to integrate physical activity as an obligatory cornerstone for injury prevention and treatments within healthcare and elderly care.

The lack of physical activity is the largest health risk in our modern society, especially for elderly. Physical activity can decrease the number of strokes by 20% and cardiovascular diseases by 30%, these effects could save millions of lives and lots of money annually spent on health care.

The challenge is to motivate patients to move more. Especially elderly care requires health care professionals to support and follow up as well as the tools to track and remind on training and illustrate the effects. Digitalisation is key to gathering and providing the right data. Magnea provides these tools. We enable professionals to spend their time more effectively and give the responsibility for their health back to the patients.

How do we enable Magnea to do that?

  • Advanced motion detection and monitoring sensors
  • Activity logged in the cloud, accessible anytime
  • Illustrations in app dashboard optimised for elderly
  • Automated reminders, motivation and feedback
  • Detection of irregular activities or falls combined with automated alarms sent to health support
  • Dashboard for healthcare professionals to remotely monitor the status and activity of their patients
  • Sensor on Armband

  • Sensor Wristband

  • Sensor Clip