CombiQ AB appoints new CEO


CombiQ AB is now taking another major step in our development to strengthen our company and brand into the future.

On September 1, Daniel Ström took over as CEO of CombiQ AB. Daniel is well suited to shoulder the responsibility with his international background and many years of experience primarily in business development and marketing. Daniel has also chosen to buy in as a partner in CombiQ.

Most recently, Daniel comes from the pulp and paper industry, where he worked as Sales & Marketing Director at Kadant Nordic AB, part of the US group Kadant Inc. At Kadant Nordic AB he has been responsible for the European sales organization and also focused on the company’s development and expansion particularly in Asia and North America. Previously, Daniel has also held a number of positions within the OEM Group with focus on sales and key account management.

Daniel’s main tasks will be to lead CombiQ into the next phase with a focus on strategic and commercial issues as well as marketing and business development. Meanwhile, Daniel will work closely with our existing customers to develop the cooperation with you.

Daniel lives in Jönköping with his wife and daughter

“CombiQ has done a fantastic job with their product development since its inception and it will be exciting to be part of building up CombiQ from a small development company to a much larger company. I believe that my experience and international contacts can be of great benefit to succeed in this, which is both the Board’s and my long-term endeavour.” says

Daniel Strom, elect new CEO.

“It feels like the right time to hand over management to Daniel who, with his experience in sales and marketing can take the next step with CombiQ when I go on with new commitments. I will, however, continue to be involved in the development of existing and new products for CombiQ, but on a smaller scale than before.” says

Torbjörn Birging, resigning CEO.

For more information, contact:

CEO – Daniel Ström

+46 (0) 734 17 50 16

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