Individual digitalization solutions for your business

We are your partner for general and specific questions regarding advanced sensor technology, digitalisation, automatisation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Our services include both system planning and system integration the as well as development and production of the required hard- and software. But that is not where our efforts end. We see ourselves as experienced support for you on your journey into the Industry 4.0. Not only with our products but with our know-how and responsibility as a consultant in the first place. Digitalization is a task not many people in the hands-on, hardware-based industries feel comfortable with. But it is also an inevitable task and we want to make the adoption easier for you.

Give us a call or send an email and let us discuss the best path to digitalisation for your company. The equation is simple: The earlier you open up your business to digital solutions, the earlier you can lead your industry by innovation and efficiency.


From idea to reality

Any company benefits from more efficient ways of collecting and presenting specific data for their respective business. However, companies work in very different ways. They base their performance on different indicators and measure their efficiency along different variables. Sensors and analytics systems need to be as diverse as the industries they shall be applied to.

We developed our IIoT machine monitoring system optimising it on one thing: utilisation flexibility. The result is some of the most widely applicable modular IIoT sensors on the market. Temperature, vibrations, movement, misuse, run-time, idle-time and precise operator connection are some examples of what our system is capable of analysing today. All this comes in the form of wireless IIoT sensors small enough to place them even on handheld devices in combination with a neat cloud-based monitoring software, called CombiQloud.

The core of CombiQ AB is a team of skilled and experienced embedded systems developers. Combined we have several decades of expertise in electronics design, RF / Antennas and software development. Our thoughtfully developed working methods enable us to quickly assess your company’s use case and present a solution for it. We always aim to provide a working POC (Proof Of Concept) within just a few weeks.

Our team will help you all the way from identifying possibilities for data analytics to defining system requirements to developing a validated and verified product.

Set up a meeting with our team today to discuss how we can help your business forward by making your machines talk.


Test small, then scale without limits

Our development process allows us to take on everything from small pilot projects for the expansion of an existing system to full-scale IIoT custom solutions. We have excellent relations with production partners which enables us to upscale our production on demand at any time.

If you are building up a new business, it makes sense to digitalise your whole supply or production line and become Industry 4.0-ready from the get-go. In this case, we are the right partner for you to develop and build a full IIoT machine monitoring system according to your requirements.

If you intend to digitalise an existing system, it can be smart to start small and scale over time. Get in touch with us to discuss and plan a pilot IIoT project customised for your company. All analytical systems work better with increased implementation. We can stay involved in your project to develop and upscale your Industry 4.0 integration along your feedback and preferences.

Everything is certified and tested

Upon finalisation of any product development, we make sure all units fulfil your quality expectations. In cooperation with third-party certification companies, we get your devices tested, approved and documented.

Different standards and regulations apply in different countries. We test all products in every aspect when it comes to safety and radio communication. Any product we label “ready for customer use” includes certification according to CE/FCC/RCM.


Assembled and tested in Sweden

The majority of our sensor production happens in Sweden to ensure the expected quality of every unit leaving CombiQ AB. We can guarantee that all hardware is assembled and tested in an ESD-safe environment. Keeping the producing in Sweden also gives us the opportunity to efficiently deliver both test batches and final products to our customers.

We are proud to have a dynamic production team with many years of experience. As flexibility is the core of everything we do, individualisation on client requests is one of our specialities. We can handle the sometimes rapid changes during a development process with ease.

A typical production process includes:

  • Software Loading
  • Assembly
  • Labelling
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Packing
  • Shipping