CombiQloud by CombiQ AB

The comprehensive monitoring system for holistic machine monitoring

CombiQ CombiQloud System

Our CombiQloud system is a unique combination of perfectly complemented hardware in form of high-end IIoT sensors and advanced monitoring software. The aim of this IoT platform is holistic, around the clock monitoring of industrial machines. We developed the CombiQloud as a comprehensive system, consisting of both hard- and software in order to get the most out of the technical possibilities of its components and have them interact as smooth as possible. Comprehensive means the system is only available as a complete solution including at least one sensor, the gateway and the cloud-based data analytics dashboard.

Benefits of the CombiQloud

Improve your monitoring and control, across industries. Simple and quick.

  • Increased uptime and efficiency of your machines
  • Less unexpected stops and risk of major breakdowns
  • Improved proactive maintenance
  • Increased cost-effectiveness in maintenance
  • Increased efficiency in spare part handling
  • Overall resource optimisation
  • Proof and statistics in warranty matters
  • Access monitoring and detection of machine maluse

Take a look below to see both further explanations of the system’s soft- and hardware components.


Industrial IoT Sensors (ISN)

The ISN by CombiQ AB is a modular plug & play sensor for IIoT machine monitoring. Due to its remarkably small size, it is applicable to any industrial device. It does not require any wiring or complicated set-up. All sensors are configured individually depending on your requirements in terms of sensitivity and range. This makes the ISN the perfect piece of hardware to for the digitalisation and automatisation of machinery which is already existing in your company.

Operator Tag

The operator tag by CombiQ AB allows your company to both ensure your workers’ safety as well as increase the security for the use of your machines. You can control the access to specific machines for chosen staff members and detect misuse of machinery directly through the usage log and the instant notifications. On top of that does the integrated monitoring system warn your staff when they have been exposed to vibration, noise of heat for too long.


The Gateway by CombiQ operates as the mother station. The ISN sensors and the Operator Tags are only communicating to each other and to the gateway which then forwards all information into the CombiQloud and on to the dashboard in your managers’ devices. This saves battery on the sensors and tags and allows for extremely long runtime. The gateway can furthermore also be mounted above doors or gates in order to be used as access remote control.


CombiQ_talking machines

Monitoring Dashboard

The Monitoring Dashboard by CombiQ grants access to individualised data analytics based on your sensors output. It is optimised for managers or people in a position to supervise both machinery and staff. Chose yourself which datasets are relevant to you and how they should be illustrated and never again miss any anomalies, misuse, malfunction or maintenance dates.

CombiQ Qloud

Cloud Service

All ISN sensors send the data they are recording to the Gateway and from there to the cloud. From there the data can be pulled on demand into the Monitoring Dashboard by CombiQ  AB both on mobile and desktop devices. There is no need to install any software or rent own server space to manage the data. The CombiQloud system got you covered!