Almi invest investera bild 2

The Science Park-based investment fund Spectria Invest makes its second investment and joins CombiQ, which is active in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Spectria Invest leads the investment round and in addition to Spectria, Almi Invest, existing owners and management, invests. A total of SEK 7.4 million is invested in the company.

– CombiQ is currently in a very expansive phase where demand for our products is constantly increasing at a very fast pace. As a small company with a new product, it is important that we can make use of all inquiries and work close to our customers. Getting into Spectria and Almi Invest gives us the capital and the opportunities we need to be able to continue to grow and increase the workforce to meet market demand. We already have “traction” and installations in several places throughout southern Sweden and aim long term to reach out to an international market, says Daniel Ström, CEO of CombiQ.