Digitalization through custom IIoT solutions

CombiQ AB develops custom Industry 4.0 solutions to enable established companies across industries to increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve profits through automation and digitalization of their business.

We provide custom IIoT (Industrial Internet-of-Things) solutions for machine monitoring that will help you to digitalize and automate your business. To do so, we combine wireless, plug & play sensor technology with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-based software. The result is frictionless production through remote machine monitoring and error diagnosis, automated access control and optimised machine maintenance scheduling.

Our technologies are applicable across a broad range of industries and are highly customizable for specific applications. Some of our current solutions include monitoring systems for industrial machines in the production industry, asset-management systems for warehouses and contactless access control for hospitals.

Most inefficiencies in today’s businesses could quickly be discovered by the use of monitoring software and solved through automation. If you want to explore these potentials for optimisation in your company, we are the right partner for you.

Our Story

We have been working with IoT before it even had that name

CombiQ AB was founded in 2007 as a pure consultancy and development company for automatisation, digitalisation and industrialisation. We have been working with the digitalisation of seemingly analogue machines way before IoT as such was even a thing. This gives us the confidence to say that there are not many companies with a broader expertise in the field. That is something we are proud of.

We streamlined our consulting operations until 2009 with a focus on RFID technology and IoT. Our technology has always been steered by the thought of a seamless connection of humans, machines and things in general. With Datachassi AB (now DC Larm) and Combiplate (now Renz) we successfully founded two spin-off companies to focus on more specialized applications and business areas.

In 2008 our cooperation with Husqvarna started and we are now developing the third generation of sensors for their machine and staff monitoring solution. Our technology became world-known as it was awarded the “Innovation of the year” across the entire Husqvarna group in 2016. Since 2010 we have been supplying customized IoT solutions to production industries like the pulp & paper, forest or mining as well as construction industry. We are currently working on the large step to launch our first fully in-house developed and thus entirely CombiQ AB branded IoT solution, the  CombiQloud. This product line is expected to ship in Q3 of 2018.

At CombiQ AB all our employees are part-owners. We are all committed and locked in towards one goal: Digitalisation and automation of existing industrial systems. Read more about how we work here.

CombiQ AB Competences

  • Product development
  • Embedded system engineering
  • IoT communication specialists
  • Antenna specialist
  • Electronic design
  • Embedded software development
  • Verification and validation
  • Purchase and Quality
  • Certifications
  • Production
  • Industrialization
  • Industrial Business Development

Awards and Distinctions

  • Winners of “Innovation of the year” in Jönköpings county – 2010
  • Accepted for Startup Sweden Boot Camp (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth)
  • Winners of “Best HW Startup” at SwedenDemoDay – 2016
  • Finalists in Inission Innovation Award – 2017
  • Member of THINGS Stockholm and part of Ignite Sweden
  • Member of IoT Sweden
  • Member of SMSE (Swedish M2M Services Enablers)
  • Started cooperation with IBM and Microsoft
  • Member of Entrepreneurship Challenge (JIBS/JTH) – 2017
  • Member of Innovation Race – 2017
  • Awarded best B2B collaborator at Ignite Sweden – 2017

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