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What does Industry 4.0 really mean?

If you’ve never heard of this concept before, we understand that it sounds strange. What does Industry 4.0 really mean? What is the background? What is unique and revolutionary about this concept? We explain here why you should know about it and how it can lift your business.

From the steam engine to cyberphysical systems – the background to industry 4.0

The concept of industry 4.0 was mentioned by Angela Merkel at the Hannover Fair 2012, and refers to the fourth industrial revolution. To put the latest edition of revolution in the industry, we start with a small history lesson. It is often said that four industrial revolutions have taken place so far.

The very first industrial revolution (industry 1.0) took place in the late 18th century, when manufacturing began to go from manual labor to mechanization. Steam engines and other water-powered engines revolutionized industry and fundamentally changed production and labor.

The Second Industrial Revolution (Industry 2.0) took place in the early 20th century, when the industry began to electrify. Electricity enabled mass production and a much more efficient production and industry.

The next paradigm shift in industry (industry 3.0) took place in the late 1950s when electronic technology and later computer technology entered the scene. Digitization began and gradually changed all production right through. Analog and mechanical technology declined and automation prevailed.

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Industry 4.0 – the next big step

It is difficult to set a fixed date when industry 4.0 was initiated. In recent decades, the fourth industrial revolution has gradually developed. Our digital landscape has led to a new standard in how we live our lives. With the help of mobile devices, strong network connectivity and other innovations, we can access services and data wherever we are.

Of course, the industry has not missed this. With the help of technological advances in the form of IoT (the Internet of Things), we can today streamline and control our industrial production more precisely than ever. Industry 4.0’s greatest strength is the comprehensive, interconnected and holistic view of manufacturing. For the first time, we can connect the physical with the digital. You get to talk through these machines.

What does this mean concretely? We can, for example, take part in measured values from machines wherever we are. It is early to see the beginning of any errors, where these can be prevented from an early stage. In this way, ”unforeseen” machine stops can be prevented long before they have taken place – which saves a lot of money and effort.

For the first time, productivity will also be measurable in a concrete way. This makes it possible for the entire business to understand the whole. Wherever you are, you can follow the production flow and feel confident that things are working as they should.

Benefits of Industry 4.0

  • You can streamline your entire business. By taking part in concrete data and estimates, you can optimize the manufacturing process and the distribution chain. With the help of data and real-time transparency, you can make quick and relevant decisions regarding your business. In this way, efficiency and profitability can be increased throughout the organization through industry 4.0.
  • You discover breakdowns and problems in advance. With the help of industry 4.0, you get an iron check on the status and machine health in manufacturing. With the help of connection through IoT, you can detect and prevent problems in good time. You and your colleagues thus avoid expensive surprises.


  • The customer experience will be better. Not only you and your business can benefit from industry 4.0. To offer your customers statistics and insight into how the production goes gives added value and credibility to your customers. Misunderstandings and other possible clouds of unrest can thus be clarified early.


  • It will be easier to ensure the quality of production. Thanks to precise data on the production process, you can follow the process in a closer way than before. You can ensure down to the smallest detail that the production is of high quality. This means a lower margin of error and a higher production standard.


CombiQ helps you with Industry 4.0

We at CombiQ are experts in industry 4.0 and see it as our hallmark to streamline and bring your business into the future. Through our CombiQloud service, you can connect your machines and get them to communicate with each other. The service is cloud-based and you can then access your production data wherever you are.

CombiQ offers a unique complete solution where your business can take the step into the future. Are you ready to take the step?
We are happy to tell you how your company can benefit from industry 4.0. Please contact us!

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