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Ladda ner våra installationsguider för produkterna, Basstation, ISN-sensor och ISN Lite. Dessa guider ger dig detaljerade instruktioner för en smidig installation och användning av våra produkter i din verksamhet.

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If you are already CombiQ user and want to access the CombiQloud portal to view your production data, you can log in on this website (you’ll find a log in button at the top right corner).

Sensors are connected by cable to the CombiQ devices. The CombiQ devices send data to the cloud through a mobile phone connection or via WiFi or Ethernet (only for CombiQ ISN).

The Basstation is a feature in the CombiQ system. It allows maintenance managers not only to manage maintenance tasks based on time, but also offers the unique ability to schedule tasks according to machine usage or cycle counts. This flexibility in scheduling leads to efficient task completion and improved resource utilization.

Connecting CombiQ with Power BI or Tableau is achieved through their respective connectors or APIs. Both Power BI and Tableau provide connectors or APIs that allow you to establish a connection with CombiQs data sources. By configuring the connection settings and providing the necessary authentication details, you can establish a seamless connection between CombiQ and Power BI or Tableau, enabling data integration and visualization.

Yes, as a cloud-based system, CombiQs CombiQloud can be accessed from anywhere, offering the flexibility to manage your tasks on-the-go.

If you want to send data from one of your PLCs to the cloud using MQTT and CombiQ, CombiQ creates a unique client ID for the PLC. You are provided with the broker address and a detailed example of the MQTT topic that needs to be published or subscribed to. This allows the PLC to establish a connection with the broker and seamlessly transmit data to the cloud for further analysis and monitoring.

No, there’s no need to power down your machine during inspallation. A clamp-on current transducer doesn’t require power off because it measures the magnetic field around a conductor, eliminating the need for direct contact with live wires. This method ensures safety, convenience, and efficiency, as it allows for continuous system operation and real-time monitoring without disrupting the circuit.

Note, while the clamp-on current transducers offer this plung-and-play advantage, it’s crucial for users to adhere to all safety guidelines when working around electricity, including using appropriate personal protective equipment and following organizational protocols.